Jevero 2020.0 issue

In this section you should post bugs and feature you find while using Jevero in your daily job.
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Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:10 am

We are testing the Jevero 2020.0, please help to solve the following issue.

1) In Jevero 2020, we need to click twice command window “Start&End”when we create construct chain. It is not efficient.
2) Issues of construct chain and boundary creation:Two lines have intersection or the lines have many crossing then the chain can not be create normally.
3) Unable to identify the start and the end of the chain. This will cause the chain not easy to revise and affect the efficiency.
4) Suggest markers on difference lines can be chosen together for modification.
5) Grading and showing size label, if the background is black we can not see it. suggest the color of size label can be customization.
6) We use entity filter for one part but we can not use it for another part. Need to close it and open again for another part. Suggest entity filter support for all part in one time.
7) Modify serrated line the notch can not be highlighted and not easy for us to find out and revise. Suggest when we modify the serrated line the notch will highlighted.
8) Use clean useless entity function frame lines of property will be delete in some situation.
9) When we create zero height marker without ghost line it is difficult to know which part is finished and how the marker path going.
10) Markers after mirror will become to individual entity but it should be keep as entirety like its origin.

11) Two parts share one boundary, both part will export when we export Pcut or Dxf, even we just need export one part.
12) Export DXF can not keep origin color in Jevero. Computer stitching department need to discern the line type(stitching line or material boundary) by color.
13) In some case the same marker will be cut several times, but we just make one marker and not duplicate overlapping.
14) *Base line is difficult to modify, difficult to modify one line same to another line.
*Modify base line, add or delete one point the point will set in middle or moving, the line will defrom and not easy to revise the line.
15) *Lines editing is easy to pick/choose the items which we don’t want to not convenience for our lines is possible to refer Crispin editing way? Only the line we pick can be edited.
*Line editing the points on lines picked and not picked not obvious visualization, even we change the highline color. Could we refer Crispin make the picked point more visible.
16) The setting of GCs intersection can't be hided and always show in the top windows.

Above issue PPT flie is too large ,so we will send to you by e-mail.Thanks.
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Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:24 am

Hi Yoyo,
thanks for sharing. Please send us your PPT with files if the issue is connected to a specific file. We will provide to check them out and give you a timeline for fixing them.

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Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:10 am

Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your early reply, the PPT and specifit file has sent by your e-mail. please check and let me konw if any questions.
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Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:10 am

Dear Alberto

Enclosed is the technical feedback summarize from our testing.
The main issues what we facing are efficiency and stability when we using Jevero, we need it be optimized to have a better efficiency.

Grading issues
1) We have setup our grading, but the grading setting will disappeared in some situation when we reopen the file.
2) Last margin Lateral/medial have overlapping in shell pattern, but overlapping area will separate after grading in some file.
3) In some situation, the GC upper will controlling some lines on insole, GC insole will controlling some lines on upper, this will cause deformed after grading.
4) Boundary will deformed after grading in some case.

Boundary and Chain creation.
1) There are some limitation in boundary or chain creation, if the lines was intersects together or the intersection is complicated, the chain or boundary can not be created.
This function need to be optimized and please refer the logic of chain or boundary creation in Crispin.
Jevero Technical feedback - 2020 0 feedback-Dec-China.xlsx
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